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ASIS North Texas Chapter Election for 2019 Board of Directors

MEMORANDUM for Members of ASIS International NORTH TEXAS Chapter 10
FROM: Yolanda Scott, Chapter Chair
REF: Call for Nominations and Election for 2019

Our Chapter is in the process of electing new officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) for our chapter. I have asked Chapter member Andy Wyczlinski to head up the nominating committee and he will be contacting several Chapter members to participate in the process. Current officers will not be permitted to participate on the nominating Committee, however may self-nominate if so desired.

Nominations for all officer positions are now open.  Nomination forms will be available on the web site later this week. You can nominate a candidate of your choice or you can self nominate if you are interested. To be valid the candidate must:

  • Be a member in good standing with ASIS International. Verified with the Chapter Secretary and Membership Chair.
  • Have reviewed the duties and responsibilities for the position being nominated. (Available on the website)
  • Agree to serve in the position for which nominated.


Nomination forms must be returned by NLT October 22nd at 3:00 pm.  They may be mailed to the Chapter mailing address (see below) or via email to  Once nominations have been confirmed a ballot will be composed. The final ballot will be completed by October 26th and available on the Chapter website and emailed to all Chapter members in good standing.


Completed ballots can be mailed to the Chapter mailbox and postmarked NLT November 13th or sent to the Chapter Election Committee Chair (see below) and accepted via electronic means until November 15th . Send ballots to Andy Wyczlinsk at  Ballots will also be available at the November 15th Chapter meeting but must be completed at the meeting.

Please note: Nominations and ballots are individual submissions; proxy voting will not be permitted.

Once all the ballots are counted, election results will be announced by the end of the November. Installation of officers will take place at the December Chapter meeting and elected officers will assume the duties on January 1, 2019. 

If there are any questions please contact Andy Wyczlinski.

Chapter Mailing Address:
ASIS North Texas Chapter
Election Committee
P.O. Box 830253
Richardson, TX. 75080-0253

Click the image below for the Nomination Form: