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The Great Conversation in Security (Plano, Texas) - ASIS Discount

Most leaders are busy. Their ability to stay current on industry trends, best practices, innovations in leadership, technology budget and value is difficult. The Great Conversation in Security was formed 15 years ago to provide a peer to peer executive forum to fill this gap.

In 2018, the CSO of Yum! Brands attended The Great Conversation in Seattle and was so impressed that he requested his CEO sponsor a forum in Plano, Texas. On Tuesday, May 21, leaders and their teams will be invited for another Great Conversation. Your voice would not only be welcome, but other thought leaders, acting as faculty, are eager to initiate the conversations that will impact our programs.

The CEO of Yum! will kick off the program defining the critical role risk, resilience and security plays in generating value for the business. He will be followed by innovations in the security “business model” around deploying people, process, technology innovations and contracting mechanisms to increase the value and lower the cost of the security program

The Great Conversation organizers are not an event company. They are strategists who conduct the program from an executive perspective. They provide special invitations to consultants and manufacturers who can also lend their perspective to the conversation. We are part of the conversation and look forward to seeing you in May.  To learn more and register visit and be a part of the conversations changing our industry.

As part of our trusted community, we would like to offer you a discount code off registration.  When registering, please use the code: ASIS100