[Updated 9/26/2018]

Patrick spent his #GSX18 Tuesday listening to the keynote speaker and attending educational sessions. His company, Guidepost Solutions, held a client appreciation event.

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "Day 3 at #gsx18 was amazing. Learned about the future  of tech
and its impact on security, perimeter protection, and #ESRM. Capped off with our @GuidepostGlobal
client appreciation event. Great time with new and old friends. @ASIS_Intl @NTXASIS" 


[Updated 9/25/2018]

Day 2 at #GSX18 offers new opportunities for education and keynote speakers. Patrick kicked the day off listening to Scott Klososky, Founder and Principal of TriCorps Technologies.

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "GSX18 kicking off day 2 with Scott Klososky "attacks 
becoming so dangerous we can't wrap our brains around it" #gsx18 @NTXASIS @ASIS_Intl" 

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "Like it or not, technology has become 
the jugular vein of your business." #gsx18 @NTXASIS @ASIS_Intl"


Day 1 of #GSX18 offered plenty of opportunities to hear great speakers and attend classes about various security issues and events. Patrick was able to attend some great sessions and re-connect with colleagues!

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "Great Day 1 at #GSX19. Learned about Balancing Public Access 
Security, Emerging Trends and the Law, & Hardening Concerts/Special Events. Ran into so many professional
friends&nbspand colleagues. Ready for an amazing second day. @NTXASIS @ASIS_Intl #GSX18"


[Updated 9/24/2018]

Monday morning at #GSX18 started with Keynote Speaker Fareed Zakaria of CNN.

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "Kicking off #GSX18 with @CNN @FareedZakaria providing the opening keynote on international
intelligence and #security and what it means to love in a global era. @ASIS_Intl @NTXASIS #internationalintelligence"


[Updated 9/23/2018]

On Sunday, September 23rd, Mark touched down in Las Vegas to join tens of thousands of security professionals for ASIS International's Global Security Exchange. 

Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "I've made it to Vegas @NTXASIS! Stay tuned for more updates from #gsx18 @ASIS+Intl"


[Updated 9/22/2018]

#GSX18 starts tomorrow! How are you keeping track of all the events, classroom sessions, speakers, vendors, and other resources available during this week's conference? Patrick downloaded the GSX 2018 Mobile App to ensure he has the latest info for the week. #NTXatGSX


Patrick Markham @pmarkhamcpp: "Gearing up for #GSX18 in #LasVegas. Downloaded the event planner to ensure
I plan my time wisely Follow me for updates. Thanks to @NTXASIS for the seminar pass! @ASIS_Intl #GSX2018"


ASIS International's Global Security Exchange (formerly ASIS Seminar and Exhibits) begins tomorrow and lasts until September 27th. During this time, leaders from the security industry, vendors, and influences from across the globe will converge to Las Vegas for the world's preeminent security event. This year follow the ASIS North Texas Chapter's very own, Patrick Markham, CPP as he shares his thoughts and experiences about #GSX18.For our Chapter Members atteneding GSX, use this hashtag #NTXatGSX to allow others to see your journey and experiences this week.

In August, the Executive Board of the North Texas Chapter of ASIS International awarded Patrick Markham, CPP of Guidepost Solutions a complimentary registration to #GSX18 in Las Vegas. (Pictured L-R: Connie Brandon, Secretary (Guidepost Solutions); Yolanda Scott, Chair (Texas Instruments); Patrick Markham; Alex Smith, Vice Chair (Smith Protective Services); Derek Martinez, Treasurer (Genetec))


#WhatHappensInVegasWontStayInVegas - Check back daily for updates from Patrick! Thank you Patrick for sharing with us and representing the North Texas Chapter, Guidepost Solutions, and security professionals in the DFW area!

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