Responsibilities of the Chapter Chair:

A. Appoint Chairpersons of other committees immediately after assuming office as follows:

1. Designate one member to be Program Chairperson.

2. Designate one member to be Enrollment Chairperson or Membership Chairperson. This appointee in turn is responsible for chapter membership promotion and handling inquiries concerning membership.

3. Appoint Chairpersons and members for other chapter committees as deemed appropriate, including committees that should parallel the councils of ASIS International.

B. Preside at all meetings. In his/her absence, the Vice Chairperson shall preside. If neither is present, those members present may designate another officer or member to preside at the meeting.

C. Designate the time, place, and agenda of all meetings. The agenda should include, in addition to matters that pertain to the affairs of the local chapter, the reading and discussion of matters submitted by headquarters regarding ASIS affairs.

D. Check to see if the Chapter Secretary submits the completed chapter activity report online, promptly at the end of each meeting. Make sure the reports are forwarded to the Regional Vice President by including their E-mail address on the form when submitting online.

E. Appoint a committee to review the chapter’s financial records. The committee consists of at least three members, none of whom are current chapter officers or nominees for a chapter office. The committee will report the results of its audit at the final chapter meeting of the year. This audit report should be noted in the chapter activity report.

Responsibilities of the Chapter Vice Chair:

A. Preside over all chapter meetings, functions and events when the chapter chair is not in attendance.

B. Use considerable independent judgment in decisions that influence operations at the chapter level to ensure solvency of the chapter and ROI to chapter members.

C. Assist the chair in ensuring compliance with ASIS chapter activity and financial reporting requirements.

D. Assist the Chair with appointment of chapter committee chairs.

Responsibilities of the Chapter Secretary:

A. Keep and make regular entries in the book of minutes regarding the proceedings of all chapter meetings.

B. Cause the minutes to reflect accurately and concisely the decisions and recommendations of the chapter on each question considered. The minutes will also record the names of those members and guests present. Proposed minutes will be prepared by the Secretary or acting Secretary of the chapter and forwarded to the Chairperson for approval.

C. Prepare and forward to ASIS International headquarters all chapter activity reports, promptly following each chapter meeting and ensure proper distribution of the submission is forwarded to the Regional Vice President.

D. Hold safely all books, correspondence, and records that he/she is required to keep or that come into his/her possession, custody, or control by virtue of the office of Secretary. When his/her term of office is over, the Secretary’s successor will come into possession of these records. (Headquarters retains copies of chapter correspondence for three years.) Chapters are responsible for retaining their permanent files of correspondence.

E. Give due, advance notice of all chapter meetings to all chapter members.

F. Contact new members of ASIS International, who are thereby becoming chapter members, once there is notification from headquarters of their acceptance as members of ASIS International.

G. Notify officers promptly of their election as such, and certify to headquarters the election of these chapter officers.

H. Notify all members of the dates on which chapter dues and assessments (if any) become due and payable and their amounts, and collect these monies for transmittal to the Chapter Treasurer.

I. Officially address all communications in the name of the chapter, except as otherwise specified, as directed by the Chapter Chairperson. J. Perform other duties as the office may require.

Responsibilities of the Chapter Treasurer:

A. Receive and deposit in an account in the name of the chapter, in a sound and well-established banking institution, all monies, securities, funds, and monetary credits of or on behalf of the chapter.

B. Take, receive, hold, and safely keep, as custodian on behalf of the chapter, all property and other physical assets that from time to time may come into the ownership, possession, or control of the chapter, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.

C. Keep regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements in suitable books provided for that purpose. These records must be available at all reasonable times for inspection by all officers and chapter members in good standing, and by authorized representatives of the Board Management Committee of the Board, the ASIS Treasurer, and the Regional Vice President in whose region the chapter is located.

D. Obtain and keep vouchers covering all disbursements wherever it is possible and practical to obtain them, and produce them if called upon to do so by any chapter member in good standing.

E. Present at each regular meeting of the chapter a detailed report of the chapter's accounts, showing the accounts received and expended since the last preceding regular meeting and the chapter balance as reflected by the books

F. Ensure that the financial information on the chapter activity report is properly completed each month.

G. Prepare and submit a written financial report at the chapter’s annual business meeting.

H. Adhere to Internal Revenue Service filing requirements as set forth in Policy and Procedure 4015.



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