Noggle Fund

Fellow ASIS North Texas Chapter members,

We have an incredible opportunity that was awarded to our chapter in honor of longtime member Dennis A. Noggle.  Mr. Noggle helped progress and develop the NTX Chapter and the security profession in general to the tremendous organizations of today.  Due to all of Mr. Noggle’s efforts, a fund was established to honor his leadership, dedication and commitment.  This fund will be used to distribute monetary resources for higher education/certification on an annual basis.  This year the Noggle Scholarship Fund Committee has decided to distribute funds for one CPP certification and one PSP certification.

Go to the following link for an overview:

Go to the following link to apply. No applications will be accepted using any other format:

This is a wonderful opportunity that I encourage anyone interested in these certifications to apply.


Christopher D. Miller, CPP

Noggle Scholarship Fund Committee Chair